Office of Research Ethics and Integrity


Human Research Ethics training

101: Introduction to human research ethics at QUT

You should attend this session if you plan to conduct research involving human participants, their data, or tissue. This session provides an overview of human research ethics applications at QUT. You will find out who needs to make an applicaiton, how to go about doing it, and key questions you will need to consider.

201: Human ethics drop-in session

You should attend this session if you have specific questions about preparing your human research ethics application. This session does not provide an overview of human research ethics at QUT. It is strongly recommended that you attend the Introduction to Human Research Ethics before attending this session.

Animal Ethics training

Animal ethics online training

This is required online training for all staff and students conducting research involving animals.

Animal practical training

Practical training and assessment must be completed by all animal researchers with QUT ethics approvals who are working with live animals.

Animal ethics application help, by request

You can request advice any time from OREI about your QUT animal ethics applicaiton, or about the animal ethics application process at QUT. We also offer specially tailored animal ethics training for schools, faculties, centres, or institutes, by request.

Research Integrity training

Research integrity online

This comprehensive course in research integrity covers practical issues affecting your research, and provides an excellent opportunity to further develop your research skills.

Authorship, Publication, and Peer Review

These sessions provide researchers with resources and tools to help navigate the complex world of academic publication and peer review.

Biosafety training

Biosafety training

Training for staff and students working with biological materials.

Trade controls training

Introduction to export trade controls

A quick video overview of trade controls legislation. Find out whether it applies to your research.

Export trade controls – face to face sessions

This training is aimed at all staff and students who conduct, or plan to conduct, work involving goods, software or technology listed on the Defence and Strategic Goods List (DSGL).

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