Office of Research Ethics and Integrity

Responsible conduct of research

QUT's framework for the responsible conduct of research is based on the:

QUT encourages and promotes a responsible research culture which demonstrates the following general principles:

  • honesty and integrity
  • respect for human research participants, animals and the environment
  • good stewardship of public resources used to conduct research
  • appropriate acknowledgment of the role of others in research
  • responsible communication of research results.

All researchers associated with the University are required to become familiar with, and conduct their research in compliance with the Code, with any other legal or regulatory requirements and with QUT policies, procedures or guidelines relevant to their field of research.

Code section
Relevant QUT policy/ies
Supporting documents
Part A: principles and practices to encourage responsible research conduct

Section 1:
General principles of responsible research

Section 2:
Management of research data and primary materials
Section 3:
Supervision of research trainees
Section 4:
Publication and dissemination of research findings
Section 5:
Section 6:
Peer review
Section 7:
Conflicts of interest
Section 8:
Collaborative research across institutions
Part B: Breaches of the Code, Research Misconduct, and the Framework for Resolving Allegations