Office of Research Ethics and Integrity

Research Integrity

The QUT Blueprint 4 articulates a cultural value of research and innovation, aimed at "Promoting a strong culture of research integrity and ethical research practices via appropriate training for academics, researchers and students". These values are consistent with national and international conventions on research integrity including the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity.

All staff and students who are involved in research practice should be familiar with and must comply with:

The Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research is divided into two parts:

  • Part A describes the principle and practices for encouraging the responsible conduct of research
  • Part B provides a framework for resolving allegations of breaches of the Code and research misconduct

All researchers associated with the University must conduct their research in a manner consistent with the general principles outlined in Part A of the Code and conduct their research in compliance with other legal or regulatory requirements and any University procedures or guidelines relevant to their field of research. Compliance with the principles outlined in the Code is a requirement for the receipt of funding from the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Reports on matters of research integrity

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