Office of Research Ethics and Integrity

Getting started

If you are conducting research with or about people, their data, or tissue, you will need to apply for ethics approval. You should start planning for this at the very beginning of your project, during the design of your research.

All human research must be undertaken in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research, the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, and QUT's Research Governance Framework.

Make sure that you read the National Statement. The purpose of this document is to promote ethically good human research and help researchers (and institutions) identify issues of ethics that arise in the design, review, and conduct of human research, to deliberate about those ethical issues, and to justify decisions about them.

The National Statement will help you identify, assess, and minimise risks. It outlines general requirements for consent, and things to think about when requesting consent from participants. It also outlines ethical considerations specific to research methods or fields – to help you understand and address these in your project design and ethics application.

Where to begin

If you are new to human research ethics, we suggest you begin by finding out what activities require human research ethics approval. You may also like to register for one of our Human Research Ethics training sessions.

If you are unclear of your obligations under the National Statement and QUT policy, you should carefully review the guidance on this website, and speak with your research team, supervisor, Research Ethics Advisor, or the Office of Research Ethics and Integrity if you have any questions.