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Export Trade Controls

Export trade controls are important for the security of Australia, they are part of an international effort to stem the proliferation of conventional, chemical, biological and nuclear weapons and the systems that deliver them. Export trade controls reflect the obligation and due diligence of scientists to do no harm, which includes consideration of how others may use or abuse their discoveries.

Export controls legislation regulates items on the Defence and Strategic Goods List (DSGL). The DSGL is a compilation of munitions (military) and dual use goods, software or technologies. The DSGL is defined in two separate parts:

  • Part 1: lists the munition (military) items; and
  • Part 2: lists dual use items that are used for commercial purposes but which may also be used in military systems or for weapons of mass destruction programs.

The Customs Act 1901 is concerned with tangible exports overseas of DSGL listed items and the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012 refers to the intangible transfer or supply overseas, such as emailing, fax and electronic file transfer, of DSGL listed information or the brokering of technology listed on the DSGL. QUT researchers conducting research activities involving the overseas export, transfer, supply or brokering of DSGL listed technology may be required to apply for a permit/s. There are heavy penalties involved for breaching the relevant legislations both at an individual and an institutional level QUT summary of the Defence Trade Controls Act and Regulation.

Research activities involving equipment, software or technology sourced from the USA may invoke US export trade controls legislation such as, International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

The Autonomous Sanctions Act is about the access of persons from sanctioned countries or entities to sanctioned goods or services, whilst in Australia, and is legislated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Under export trade controls researchers may require a permit/s or permissions but there are also many exemptions for the research sector.

Awareness training: what are export trade controls?

You should begin by watching the Awareness Training video. Additional training is also provided to help you, if required.

The videos may require the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

Link to the Online DSGL Tool.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the Office of Research Ethics and Integrity.

As mentioned in the video, here's the Quick Reference Guide to the categories of technologies covered by the DSGL. If you think your research could possibly fall under one of these categories, you should use the DSGL tool to find out. View the second video in this series, "How to search the Defence and Strategic Goods List (DSGL)".

Export Trade Controls Training sessions

This training is aimed at all staff and students who conduct, or plan to conduct, work involving goods, software or technology listed on the Defence and Strategic Goods List (DSGL). This training will cover the DSGL and how to search and complete a self-assessment; it will explain the regulatory requirements for export controls (including Australian Sanctions and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Controls (EAR) considerations); the Defence Export Controls permits applications; implications for conference presentations and publications and all the available exemptions for the research sector. Customised training for groups is available, please contact the Research Regulatory Compliance Officer for further information.

How to register for training

QUT staff and HDR students who have access to StaffConnect can register there for training.

  1. Go to StaffConnect.
  2. Click on 'My HR' in the tab menu.
  3. Click on 'Personal Development' and select 'Training Request'
  4. Click on 'Add new record'.
  5. Click on 'OREI - Research Ethics and Integrity'.
  6. Select the correct course title (REI04 - Export Trade Controls Training)
  7. Click on 'Venue details' for more information then close the window to return to the previous screen.
  8. Click on Nominate, fill out the form and click Submit.

HDR Students who do not have access to StaffConnect, and all other students, can register by sending an email including your name, student number and course code to

For further information please contact the Office of Research Ethics and Integrity on 07 3138 4692 or email

Scheduled sessions:

Date Time Location
20 November 10 to 11.30am Gardens Point Campus, O Block, Level 5, Room 520