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About the University Biosafety Committee (UBC)

The University Biosafety Committee (UBC) is a Vice-Chancellor's committee accountable to the Vice-Chancellor through the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Commercialisation). QUT is accredited with the Office of Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) to conduct dealings with genetically modified organisms (Accreditation Number ACCR 066/2002; Variation Number VAR 2509/2005).

The UBC's primary responsibility is to ensure as far as practicable that potentially hazardous research and teaching is conducted under controlled conditions and is carried out in a way that staff and students, the public and the environment are protected.

» Terms of Reference for the University Biosafety Committee (MOPP D/6.6)
» Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the University Biosafety Committee
» Current membership of the University Biosafety Committee

2018 submission deadlines and UBC meeting dates

The UBC meets at various times during the year to review applications for:

  • dealings involving genetically modified organisms
  • work with high-risk biologicals

Each meeting has a preceding deadline for submitting your application to the Office of Research Ethics and Integrity (OREI).


It is strongly recommended that researchers have their submission reviewed by the Senior Biosafety Officer prior to the application deadline to increase the likelihood of a favourable deliberation by the Committee.


Applications will not be received after this date

University Biosafety (UBC)


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