Office of Research Ethics and Integrity


The University Biosafety Committee (UBC) is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work environment and pursues its strategic and operational objectives in a responsible manner, having a duty of care to staff, students, the greater public and the environment. In April 2014, the UBC expanded its terms of reference to incorporate review and approval of high-risk non-Genetically Modified biological material.

Biosafety obligations are a key element to QUT research and teaching activities, with an increasing part of our activities involving genetically modified and high-risk non-Genetically Modified biological material. As such we must ensure that QUT operates under various interrelated legislation and regulatory guidelines.

The UBC requires that approval to carry out work with genetically modified organisms and high-risk biological agents and materials is obtained in advance of initiating the proposed research and/or teaching. Approval is conditional on all staff and students undertaking the appropriate training to conduct such work. Further, the UBC has a monitoring role and may impose fresh conditions if new methodologies emerge for doing the teaching or research or if tighter controls are needed due to recent insights into hazard evaluation.

The UBC terms of reference are found in MOPP D/6.6 University Biosafety Committee.