Office of Research Ethics and Integrity

Getting started

Scientific work with animals (research and teaching) must be undertaken in accordance with the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes (the Animal Code), which has been embodied in the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 (the Act), Queensland's animal welfare legislation, and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. The Animal Act places a legal duty of care on people in charge of animals to meet those animals' needs in an appropriate way. The purpose of the Animal Code is to ensure the humane care of animals used for scientific purposes. The Animal Code should be read in combination with other guidelines and guidance, as relevant.

Where to begin

If you are new to animal research, we suggest you begin by finding out what activities require animal ethics approval. You should also complete the required online training.

Planning to work outside Queensland? There is variation in the statutory requirements of each state and territory in Australia. If you plan to care and use animals for scientific purposes in states and territories other than Queensland, please call 07 3138 2340 or email us as soon as possible; there may be additional accreditations that QUT and the University Animal Ethics Committee (UAEC) may need to obtain, which can take some months.