Office of Research Ethics and Integrity

Process, timing and UAEC meeting dates

The length of time it takes to gain ethics approval depends on the quality of the application you submit – that is, how well it describes the project and demonstrates an understanding of the care and use of the animals within your proposed project.

To minimise the timeline always start thinking about ethics in the design phase of your project – reading the Animal Code and other relevant guidelines, reviewing the application form questions and guidance, and planning your responses.

Apply for ethics approval once you've confirmed your project design and methodology, and consulted with experts, your Research Ethics Advisor and/or the Animal Welfare Officer, as well as the animal facility you wish to use. Plan ahead to allow for any unforseen approval delays.

Online coversheet submission process

Applications that require University Animal Ethics Committee (UAEC) approval will be reviewed at a UAEC meeting. The UAEC meets monthly.

Applications to the UAEC must be submitted via the online coversheet, which includes an inbuilt approval workflow. This means that once submitted the application will be electronically directed, sequentially, to each of the workflow reviewers (these are outlined in the section below). As such, it will first be directed to the QUT Project Supervisor and then, if they approve it, to the relevant QUT Animal Facility Manager, and so on.

If you want your application to be considered at a particular Committtee meeting, we highly recommend you submit your application via the online coversheet at least 35 working days BEFORE the date of the preferred Committee meeting. This helps enable you to get all the approvals you need in time, as it is only once all the required approvals have been gained that the application is directed to OREI. And it is only once OREI receives the application that it can be included in the Committee papers (which are sent out to Committee members approximately two weeks prior to the Committee meeting).

2018 submission deadlines and UAEC meeting dates

Suggested online coversheet submission date
(35 working days prior to the UAEC meeting date)

Required Head of School approval date
UAEC meeting date
Mon 1 Jan Fri 19 Jan Tue 6 Feb
Mon 29 Jan Fri 16 Feb Tue 6 Mar
Mon 26 Feb Fri 16 Mar Tue 3 Apr
Mon 26 Mar Fri 13 Apr Tue 1 May
Mon 30 Apr Fri 18 May Tue 5 Jun
Mon 28 May Fri 15 Jun Tue 3 Jul
Mon 25 June Fri 13 Jul Tue 7 Aug
Mon 30 July Fri 17 Aug Tue 4 Sep
Mon 27 Aug Fri 14 Sep Tue 2 Oct
Mon 1 Oct Fri 19 Oct Tue 6 Nov
Mon 29 Oct Fri 16 Nov Tue 4 Dec

Explanation of coversheet workflow timeframes

  1. QUT Project Supervisor: 5 working days to review and respond (only relevant if the application was submitted by someone other that the QUT Project Supervisor)
  2. QUT Animal Facility Manager: 5 working days (if relevant) to review and respond
  3. Animal Welfare Officer / Research Ethics Advisor: 10 working days to review and respond
  4. Head of School: 5 working days to review and respond


  • Each of the above timeframes reflects the amount of time allocated to that reviewer to review the application and provide their response.
  • The reviewer may NOT approve your application in the first instance - they may instead raise questions or concerns that you will need to address in your application before they will grant their approval.
  • It is therefore critical that you ensure your application is of sufficient quality before submitting it via the online coversheet.
  • The timeframe of 35 days assumes that any changes required by the reviewers listed above are completed within a single day. In other words, the suggested 35-day timeframe does not include time for major changes.

It is only once the Head of School has approved the application that OREI will receive it.

Required training

Ensure that you and all project team members have completed the required training prior to submitting your application.